Interreg MED Green Growth community building event

Held on April 17, 2018, just before the Interreg Made in MED event on April 18-19, 2018 in Rome!

The MED Green Growth community gathered together for a community building event on the 17th of April, just before the Interreg Made in MED event on the 18-19th of April in Rome.

Up to 8 new projects have joined the INTERREG MED Green Growth community this year and we are now 14 projects in total that tackle a diversity of topics, from sustainable agriculture, green manufacturing and waste management, to smart cities and green finance.


The community building event was dedicated to get to know the eight new projects of the MED Green Growth community and learn from the experiences of the previous ones with flash presentations, B2B meetings and thematic working groups. Moreover, they analysed various green growth policies and debated the potential contribution of the different projects to the key pillars of the European resource policies, such as the Circular economy package, in order to build a common capitalization approach of our community.