Day 1

Opening speech by Michele Mario Gutierrez

Michele Mario Gutierrez is the RE-LIVE WASTE coordinator; he is a full professor of agricultural economics at the University of Sassari. He carries out his scientific research activity on: the relations between business and the environment; the economic impact assessment and environmental impact; territorial planning; economic sustainability and agricultural economics.

Session 1 | Institutional greetings

Session 2 | Overview on the future of Interreg Euro-MED 21/27 and lessons learnt from Interreg MED 14/20

Session 3 | Presentation of pilot plants and local challenges regarding waste management

Session 4 | PANEL DISCUSSION | Struvite production as a solution for waste management: future challenges

Session 5 | The Re-Live Waste LCA & Agronomic Evaluations

Analysis of socio-economic benefits

Session 6 | Panel discussion | Beyond struvite: synergies with other solutions for waste management